2018 Remodeling Reflections

Looking Back on 2018:

Well 2018 as passed, and we welcome 2019 with faithful old winter. I took some time recently to reflect on what I have learned in regard to remodeling. While I have been completing interior remodeling projects for nearly 20 years on my own. My experience ranges from completing kitchen and bathroom remodels, to finishing basements and building additions. After 20 years in the business, I would like to think I have it all under control? But that is not the case…in fact, I am constantly learning. It is more like what else can I learn? How can I continue to grow as a remodeler, and how do I handle adversity?

Adversity is part of remodeling. With all the planning, preparation, and hard work, there are many pieces to the puzzle, and not all of the pieces fit properly the first time. Patience is also very big piece of the puzzle. Like staying calm when something goes not as planned and having faith that everything happens for a reason.

While staying calm, devise a plan, and execute the new plan. As my experience continues to grow and I have learned how to work with my clients on changes to their remodel. This is only possible by remaining calm and faithful, knowing I have done my homework, and am able to devise a plan that is best for the integrity of the design and build.
Along with adversity, I had some reflection on working with great clients and what makes a great client. In some cases, great clients just fall in our lap, and it is my job to make sure the remodel goes as planned and they continue to be great clients.

In other cases, clients have the potential to be great, and it is my job to bring that to the surface. How, you might ask? Like earning their trust, and by doing what I say I am going to do, and when I am going to do it. This is huge for all clients.

Looking back on 2018, I completed numerous kitchen remodels, master bathroom remodels, and many more remodels varying in variety. The number one thing that I reflect on, I have a process, a fantastic team, and to be great we need to stick to what we are good at.
You might think you’re a remodeler, remodeling is remodeling! It is not…remodeling is not easy. Excel Builders is good at what we do because we work within a process, we keep all of our team members involved, and this in the end provides a better experience to our clients.
In conclusion, our great clients are great because we stick to a process, adversity is hit head on with honesty and clarity. This makes for a happy and content client.

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