3 Myths About Kitchen Remodels

When you are preparing for your kitchen remodel, you may have a flurry of ideas rushing through your head. You want your kitchen to be perfect after all the work that you and your contractor do, but there are some things that you should know about remodeling and design before you even begin with the earliest sketches. Take a look at some of these myths that you should be aware of before you begin on your remodel.

1. Bigger is Better

Many families want a larger kitchen. They need more space for entertaining, and they want it wide and open. However, cooking is hard work. If you are cooking a laborious meal, you are going to have to be walking from one edge of the kitchen to the other constantly. While that may not seem like that big of a deal, you may not feel like keep walking back and forth when you have been on your feet all day. Many families find ways of entertaining without a gigantic kitchen.

2. "I Can Design My Kitchen By Myself"

This is definitely not true. There are certain things that designers know about, that you may not ever think about. For example, you need to be aware of how your appliances and fixtures interact with each other. It’s a general rule of kitchen design that you want your sink to be next to the dishwasher and a cutting board or work surface. This makes it easier to rinse dishes and set them into the dishwasher or wash your vegetables and cut them up without worrying about dripping water onto your floors. However, this design can also be limiting. What about boiling water? Filling up a pot and then toting it across your kitchen is no picnic, especially when you need to tote the boiling water back across your kitchen to drain it. A designer can understand the best way to remodel your kitchen so cooking is easier.

3. Installation Can Happen Later

When you are remodeling a kitchen, it is best to get completely new appliances into your kitchen. Of course, this is more expensive, especially when some of your appliances have not fully lived out their life expectancy. However, it may be more difficult when you need to readapt your kitchen when you do decide to replace your appliances. For example, let’s say you don’t want to replace your refrigerator. It is likely that you are going to have cabinetry built around your current refrigerator. Then, when you do decide that you want a different refrigerator, the new model may not fit into the space set aside for it. You will then need to modify your kitchen to work with your new refrigerator.
Before you begin your remodel, discuss your ideas with an experienced remodeling contractor at a design-build firm. This will ensure that you have a design team and construction team working together to help you create the kitchen that you have always dreamed of having. A kitchen remodel is a huge investment, and you need to make sure that it is done correctly.