4 Kitchen Organization & Storage Tips

So often our kitchen serves as the heart of our home, our information command center, our food preparation zone, and a family gathering area.  Thus, few spaces require greater organization than this multi-purpose room.  Here are a few of our favorite kitchen storage and organization tips:
1. Corral Your Silverware: We have all been there – you are in the middle of cooking a great meal, when you realize that you need a spatula, a vegetable peeler, or a potato masher.  And yet, when you reach into your overcrowded utensil drawer you come up with just the opposite!  Streamline your cooking process by sorting your utensils by type or frequency of use.  While a simple drawer organizer or cutlery container will do the trick, we prefer to customize our drawers specifically to our needs with custom installs, like the ones below.
2. Work Efficiently: Arrange all of your kitchen items, from your pots and pans right down to your plates and bowls, by frequency of use.  Put your most used items on your  easily accessible lower shelves and place those special occasion pieces out of the way and out of reach.
3. Make Your Cabinets Work For You: Customize your cabinets to fit your needs.  Are you storing cookie sheets or cutting boards?  Install vertical dividers to make the best use of your space.  Do you need to reach the very back of your cabinets?  Utilize sliding organizers to make the full range of your shelf easily accessible.
4. Customize Your Space To Your Needs: Further organize your kitchen by grouping objects by form and purpose.  For example, if you are an avid cooker, create a baking zone with all the tools that you would typically need – cookie sheets, loaf pans, flour, sugar, and oven mitts.  Next time you are ready to bake cookies, everything you need will be in one easy to find location!  The same method can be applied to your pantry – organize your food items by category or another grouping system that makes sense to you!