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5 Benefits of Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting | Chanhassen RemodelerUnder-cabinet lighting is genius. It is functional, practical, beautiful and relatively inexpensive. What more could you want?!

Also known as task lighting, under-cabinet lighting is most often put to use underneath kitchen cabinets. However, these multipurpose lights work in nearly any place you need supplementary lighting: a closet, home office, bathroom, workshop, bookshelf or garage, just to name a few.

But what are the specific benefits to under-cabinet lighting? There are many reasons to add it to your home. Here are 5 ways under-cabinet lighting could work for you...

1. Creating safer, more efficient workspaces. Under-cabinet lighting allows you to brighten workspaces, making tasks easier and safer to perform by intentionally delivering direct light to a specific area, such as a countertop for food preparation or a worktable for crafting.

2. Highlighting beauty. Whether you want to highlight photos displayed in a bookshelf or shine some light on your gorgeous granite or Cambria countertops, under-cabinet lighting provides pleasant accent light, creating an attractive and purposeful atmosphere in any room of your house.

3. Making your home more energy-efficient. Energy-efficient lights bulbs are most often used for under-the-cabinet lighting. In addition, under-cabinet lighting allows you to illuminate just a particular area in a room, eliminating the need to light up the entire space unnecessarily, thus saving even more energy.

4. Giving you lots of possibilities. Under-cabinet lighting options allow you to choose both the type of bulbs you want to use and the type of light fixture that best suits the requirements of your space. Fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, xenon, and LED are the most common types of bulbs, but additional options abound.

5. Eliminating shadows. Under-cabinet lighting greatly reduces the shadows created by wall cabinets or overhead lights suspended from the ceiling. Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to highlight your new kitchen backsplash or eliminate dark shadows that would otherwise inhibit your use of a desk or other workspace.

For more under-cabinet lighting inspiration, check out this article on LED lighting from Houzz. And did you miss this post about using lighting throughout your kitchen? Check it out and let the inspiration begin!

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