5 Home Additions Your Kids Will Love

Often, you’ll hear about home additions as ways to add value to your home and attract more buyers. But why should home additions be reserved only for the next homeowner to enjoy? If you and your family aren’t planning on moving anytime soon, why not create a space that you all can enjoy right now?
Here are 5 fun home additions to help you make your home into a dream home for you and your kids.

1. Backyard Fun

Transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor space. Choose additions that will get your kids outside and moving. You can even join in on the fun, too! While a swimming pool may be a great idea for the summer, you won’t be able to use it year round. Here are a few other backyard ideas that you’ll get much more use of:

2. Secret Rooms or Passageways

While your kids won’t be running off to Narnia, a secret passageway leading to a hidden room can be a dream come true. Consider a bookshelf door, a hidden door inside a closet, or a room underneath the staircase. If your kids’ rooms are close to each other, how about a “secret” tunnel that connects the two rooms?

3. Let’s Go to the Movies

Especially for large families, frequent trips to the movies can really add up. If your family loves watching movies together, why not bring the movies to you? If you already have the space, invest in a projector, a screen, speakers, and some blackout curtains. For an experience like the real deal, consider adding on a new room or converting an existing space into a home theater. Your home theater could include elevated seating, movie theater-style recliners, built-in surround sound, specialized lighting, and more.

4. Add on Another Bedroom

Your kids may enjoy sharing a room with each other when they’re younger, but they may get to a point where they each want their own space. One of the most useful home additions in this case would be to add on another bedroom. Your family will get to enjoy it while you’re living there, and it can add to the value/appeal of your home when you decide to sell.

5. Room to Play

Playing in the backyard is great when it’s nice out, but your kids need a space to have fun during the cold Minnesota winters and rainy days. Another great home addition is a bonus room or playroom, where your kids can play all types of games. Bonus Tip: Be sure to install a closet in the room. Not only will the closet be a great space to store toys and games, but you’ll be able to market the room as an extra bedroom when selling the home.
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