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7 Smart Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchens

Many Minnesota homes, especially older homes in Minneapolis, have small kitchens. When it comes time to update those kitchens, most homeowners consider tearing down walls or choosing a new layout to increase space. Such drastic measures aren’t necessary, however, as even the smallest of kitchens can offer the luxury and convenience of the open floor layout. So before you pull out the sledgehammer, consider these incredibly smart kitchen remodeling ideas for your small kitchen:

  • Go vertical: Custom cabinetry that extend all the way to the ceiling help to make the most of your small space. Get creative with your cabinets through the use of open shelving and glass doors to increase the spaciousness of your kitchen.
  • Think light: Lighter paint colors and cabinet stains or paint make a room appear larger. Think white or light for your walls and cabinets. This doesn’t mean you can’t be bold with complementary colors! Bold, bright colors add great dimension to a room, which can trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger and roomier than it actually is.
  • Think bright: Brighten up the room with eye-pleasing lighting, such as pendant lights and under-the-cabinet lighting. Also, keep curtains or other window treatments to a minimum so you can make the most of your natural lighting.
  • Live the island life: Everyone knows islands provide additional counter space for prep work. But that isn’t all an island can do for you. It can provide you with additional storage space (a MUST in small kitchens), as well as the potential for additional seating.
  • A place for everything…: Nothing makes a small kitchen feel more uncomfortable than having cluttered countertops and shelves. Put everything in its place through the creative use of cabinetry, shelves, drawers and more.
  • Start seeing double: Mirrors are one of the best tricks designers use to open up a small kitchen. Use mirrors as an accent to help give the impression of a larger, grander kitchen.
  • Tuck it away: Get creative with your space by incorporating moveable furniture. For instance, create a cabinet on wheels that has a butcher block top so you have additional prep space. Find chairs or stools that you can tuck under your island. These tricks will keep your kitchen extremely functional while limiting the furniture footprint.

There is no reason to think that you have to sacrifice style, function or class by keeping your small kitchen. If these above kitchen remodeling ideas aren’t enough to get you started on your renovation, give us a call at 952-361-8664. We can help you design and install your dream kitchen that fits your space and your budget.

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