A Recent Kitchen Remodel: Easy on the Eyes in Eden Prairie

One of the most challenging aspects of kitchen design is creating a space that remains easy on the eyes, even in the middle of daily use of a busy family. The key is making sure that there is a place for everything and every activity.
At Excel Builders, one of our latest kitchen remodels is a great example. The kitchen in Eden Prairie uses custom storage solutions to create a relaxing and functional workspace.

How We Hid Clutter and Saved Space

The custom cabinetry really sets this kitchen apart. We worked with the team at Artisan to build one-of-a-kind cabinets that took advantage of every inch of space. This angled cabinet gives the homeowner extra storage options while maintaining an open feel.
We also built lower cabinets with pullout drawers so that the homeowners could store even the things they use most at the bottom and back. Everything they need is easy to get to, but tucks away easily.
The kitchen’s smart design also helps the homeowners hide clutter. We included a magnetic board on the inside of the pantry door so that they could store some of the things that are most notorious for cluttering kitchens — to-do lists, coupons, kids’ artwork  and other items — in a place that was convenient and accessible but out of sight. De-cluttering is now as simple as closing the pantry door.
Strategically placed hooks and electrical outlets also help the homeowners keep things clean. Using adjustable storage hooks located just above the stove, the homeowners can always access the kitchen implements they need. Outlets placed in easy-to-use locations, like on the outside of the lower cabinets, eliminate the need for dragging small appliances to inconvenient locations. They homeowners can always use them where they need them.
Light, airy design choices also keep this kitchen feeling calm and clean. We worked with our homeowner to install light-colored countertops and hardwood-inspired flooring to brighten the space. We also combined multiple lighting solutions, including task lighting for countertops, with pendants above the peninsula and recessed lighting. The total effect is definitely relaxing and easy on the eyes.

What Parts Are Your Favorites? Let Us Know.

Let us know which parts of this design were your favorites. Tell us what you’d do differently. Ask us about a redesign of your own. You can contact us at 952-361-8664, send our kitchen remodelers an email or simply leave a comment below.