A Recent Kitchen Remodel: Functional Design at its Finest!

Here at Excel Builders, we believe in not only making beautifully designed kitchens, but making beautiful kitchens that truly work. We tailor each space to the exact needs and desires of each client. The result: A well-designed kitchen that a homeowner will love for a lifetime.
Here are pictures from a recent Minneapolis kitchen remodel that we completed for one of our clients. We believe this kitchen absolutely embraces our emphasis on great design and superb function.

Our Favorite Functional Design Aspects of This Kitchen

We love everything about this space, from the unique features in the floor to the great use of cabinet space. That said, here are our top five design favorites:
The lighting. The two main light fixtures we incorporated into this space are great talking pieces, and they also shed a great deal of light throughout.
The open island. This island is ideal for prep work and in-kitchen dining. The open space underneath the countertop provides ample room for storing stools or chairs out of the way when not in use.
The cabinet pull-outs. These cabinets—oh we cannot say enough about them! Ample storage space is a requirement for any well thought out kitchen. We worked to ensure the storage was there, and that it was also created smartly. We used every nook and cranny, and we added user-friendly items such as pull-out drawers.
The spice rack cabinets. Not every cook likes to store spices on her countertop. So for this kitchen, we designed and installed cabinets built specifically to store spice containers. It puts them within easy reach of the stovetop while also keeping them neatly stored away.
The flooring. We are in love with the unique flooring we laid in this kitchen and dining room. It adds so much personality to these rooms, but is also quite durable.
If you have any questions about any of the design aspects of this kitchen, from the floor and ceiling to the lighting and hardware, give us a call. You can reach us at 952-361-8664 or you can send our kitchen remodelers an email.