Why is Design Important to Custom Cabinetry & Millwork?

Design is a critical aspect of any home remodel; it’s what guides the entire project, from the initial concept to completion. That sentiment extends to your custom cabinetry and millwork too. In this case, design is fundamental to both the quality and the execution of your custom pieces. Nothing explains this better than comparing custom […]

Should You Hire a Designer for Your Home Remodeling Project?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: design is one of the most critical elements of a home remodeling project. Why? Because it sets the tone for the entire project — and I’m not just talking looks. Design influences how the completed project looks, yes, but it also plays a crucial role in […]

What is a Design-Build Company?

Have a home construction project coming up? Regardless of the project, finding a company that fits the needs of your remodel is essential. While you could hire different companies to carry out the design, bid, and build process, there is an easier way; working with a design-build company.As the name suggests, a design-build company handles […]

How Much Does Basement Finishing Cost?

What Determines How Much Basement Finishing Costs? As noted above, a basement finishing estimate accounts for a variety of things. That said, two notable factors that contribute to basement finishing costs are the design and the details hidden in plain sight. How Does Design Impact the Cost of Basement Finishing? To finish your basement, you […]

How to Design the Finished Basement of Your Dreams

If you’ve browsed today’s housing inventory, you’ve probably noticed that many new homes include unfinished basements. This can help drive down the price of a new home, which is helpful for many buyers. But as your family grows or your needs change, you may find it’s finally time to put your lower level to use. […]

5 Best Basement Finishing Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

While some people look at an unfinished basement as wasted space, my team and I see it as a blank canvas. An unfinished basement is full of possibilities. It allows you to add square footage to your home — without building a new home addition. Best of all, you can create a truly unique space […]

4 Reasons to Add Basement Finishing to Your Home Remodeling Plans

If your home includes an unfinished basement, you may be wondering if it’s really worth the investment to finish it. The short answer? It is! In this blog, I’m covering four great reasons to add a finished basement to your home remodeling plans. Keep reading to find out how a finished basement can bring value […]

3 Reasons Custom Cabinets are the Best Option for Your Remodel

Remodeling your home isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to your budget. Breathing new life into your existing space often requires a pretty hefty investment, and it’s safe to say that you want to make the most of it. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in […]

Start Planning Your Custom Kitchen Remodel Now

Start Planning Your Custom Kitchen Remodel Now Thinking about remodeling your kitchen but aren’t quite sure where to start? You’re not alone! There’s a lot to consider when planning a custom kitchen remodel. While every project is different, much of the prep work tends to be the same. Some important steps to the planning process […]

How to Design Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the most significant financial investments will be your cabinets. Working with a qualified and experienced interior designer will help ensure that financial investment pays off. A skilled interior designer will be able to walk you through the process of designing custom cabinets for your kitchen remodel. This article will […]