Basement Remodel Ideas for Older Minnesota Homes

Older homes in Minnesota bring with them a great deal of character – and long list of potential problems. One common problem area we often come across in older Minnesota homes is the unfinished or half-finished basement.
These spaces often raise concerns that most homeowners don’t know how to handle, including water problems, temperature regulation and low ceilings. That’s where our home remodeling experts step in to provide you with individualized basement remodel ideas to improve your home while giving you a new space that you’ll love.

Limit Your Moisture Concerns by Sealing Your Walls and Floors

Basements in Minnesota homes are prone to water issues caused by melting snow, flash floods and persistent rains. To fight seepage, mold and milder, work with an experienced contractor who understands quality basement waterproofing standards and can deliver the dry, clean space you need. You’ll also want to ensure your contractor knows what steps you need to take outside to protect your basement, including assessing water drains and downspouts and sealing the exterior of the house.
Basement Remodel-Insulation and Lighting

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Insulating Smartly

A properly insulated basement makes the space easier to cool and heat. This often turns a once-unused space into a family favorite, and it helps to save on your heating and cooling costs! Choose an insulation option that comes with a vapor barrier, as it plays the dual purpose of insulating while also fighting off moisture.

Turn Your Basement Into a Space That Lives Up to Your Dreams

We know our customers – you want more space, but you also want something that is unique to you. We can help you design and create the basement of your dreams, which may include:
When you’re ready to turn your currently unused space into an energy-efficient, welcoming, uniquely-you space, turn to our team!

3 Huge Benefits of Putting These Basement Remodel Ideas to Work

Basement Remodel-Storage and Lighting Solutions
Sure, choosing to remodel a basement is a big undertaking, in terms of money and time. That said, a basement remodel is one of the best home improvement projects you can tackle, as it can:
So, what do you think? Are you ready to dive into a basement remodeling project? Have you recently undergone a renovation and have some additional basement remodel ideas to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so share them here!