Bath and Shower Niches | Maximizing Shower Space

Are you sick of shampoo and conditioner bottles falling in the shower? Do you have bath items placed precariously around the edge of your tub? Are you constantly juggling your bath gear? It may be time to consider installing a bath or shower niche. A few things to consider when planning your niche
Shelving: To maximize storage space within your niche, it may be wise to consider including shelving.  If you are unsure of the number of shelves to include and at what spacing, the rule of three (divide your space evenly in thirds) can be applied.  Don’t forget the extras that may not fit on your shelf.  For example, do you need a place for razors or soap bars?  Consider adding a lip to the side of your niche so these items don’t slide off.
Materials: Both stone and tile make great niche materials as they are both durable and decorative.  However, while glass may be more affordable, tile will likely look nicer over time, particularly when exposed to water daily.
Size: When planning your niche consider what you will be placing within it.  If you love buying shampoo and conditioner in bulk, be sure to leave enough room for your dispenser.  Or, if purchasing a premade niche, try bringing your bathroom gear to the store to make sure everything will neatly fit within the niche before it is installed.
Placement: When choosing where to install your niche, consider the height of those who will be using the bathroom.  If you have children who will be showering in the space, consider installing your niche higher up the wall to avoid having them pull your bath goods down on themselves.  Also consider the placement of faucets, shower extensions, and benches and how these components will interact together in a practical setting.