Bathroom Finishing Tips | Cabinets | Walls

Last week we discussed finishing products necessary for your kitchen renovation. This week, we thought we would turn our attention to the bathroom and discuss some tips  for completing a bathroom cabinet finishing project.  Don’t forget these project details when wrapping up your room:
Paint Colors: A room’s paint color is a seemingly small element that can make a huge impact on a room.  Don’t forget to consider your bathroom’s final paint color early in the planning stages so that you can coordinate your cabinets, countertops and flooring to complement your selection.  Looking for inspiration?  This year’s bathroom paint colors are trending towards calming neutrals like pale greens, relaxing grays, and cooling blues.
Storage: Once completed, your bathroom will serve as a very functional space.  With that in mind, it is important to consider storage from the get-go.  Consider custom cabinets to make unique spaces work for you or install a medicine cabinet – a tried and true storage solution!
Bathroom Hardware: Because bathrooms are relatively small spaces, we typically recommend a cohesive hardware choice to help prevent the room from looking too discombobulated.  Small details, like your faucet finish, can be important in conveying the tone of a space.  Take advantage of this opportunity and mark your room as decidedly modern, traditional or casual with your finish selection.  Popular options include stainless steel, brushed chrome or antique brass.
Lighting Selection: The key to a thoughtfully lit bathroom rests in combining multiple light sources and styles.  Install practical and efficient task lighting for when you are brushing your hair or applying your makeup.  Pair it with flexible ambient lighting to help set the mood for a relaxing bubble bath or other quiet retreat.
Ready to make detailing decisions in your bathroom?  Check out our bathroom gallery for room inspiration or contact us today to get started!