Bathroom Layout Ideas, Part 2 of 2

Earlier this week we started a discussion about bathroom layouts. When we left off we had just worked our way through the placement of the toilet. Now, it’s time to consider the bathroom vanity. The same rules apply for your vanity and sink as they did for the toilet. Thus, you should have a minimum of 30 inches in front of the vanity.
When placing a sink next to a wall, you should have 20 inches from the wall to the center of the sink.  If you are placing two sinks, you should have 36 inches measured between the centers of both sinks.  The picture to the left further outlines these minimum distance requirements.
A typical vanity height is 36 inches high, and this includes the vanity top. Generally, the vanity is 34 to 35 inches high, which allows 1 to 1 ½ inches for the vanity top. The measurement of 36 inches is the same height as your kitchen countertops, which require less bending over.
A minimum height for a vanity should be 32 inches finished.  Some clients request to have a lower vanity for the kid’s bathroom.  Kids will grow.  Unless a bathroom remodel is planned within the next five years, it is better to use the higher vanity.  The kids can use a step stool when they are young.  As they grow, the vanity will function better for them.

As with all remodels, there are many other items that should be considered when remodeling your bathroom such as shower size and mirror heights, to name just a few.  We will be discussing additional design considerations in upcoming blogs.  In the meantime, if you are ready to begin your bathroom renovation, contact us to get started today!