Bathroom Mirror Options | Bathroom Remodeler, Chanhassen MN

Though required in every bathroom, mirror designs are easy to overlook. But put some design options to work and your bathroom mirror can transform into a fabulous statement piece, a functional source of storage, or an element that perfectly completes the room.
Take a look at these three basic categories for bathroom mirrors. From here the options are endless!
Framed Mirrors
Available in oval, circle, square or rectangle, a framed mirror creates an accent where you might otherwise just have blah. Mirrors may be framed by mosaic tile, metal, wood, fake bamboo…. the list goes on! Get creative and have fun!
Framed mirrors are fantastic for a bathroom with double sinks. Highlighting the symmetry of the design, framed mirrors place just the right amount of emphasis on the repetition.
Frameless Mirrors
Surrounded by built-ins or simply attached to the wall, a frameless installation affords a large mirrored space to reflect plenty of light and yet blend into the rest of the bathroom.
Medicine Cabinet Mirrors
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Available with or without a frame, medicine cabinet mirrors continue to be an excellent source of hidden yet easily accessible storage. Options include one, two or three doors, as well as designs ranging from warm & traditional to sleek & modern.
Bathroom mirrors are a supremely fun way to add personality to your home. Take a second look at the mirrors in your house — what mirror styles would work with your taste and decor?
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