Bathroom Mirrors

Let Excel Builders install the perfect bathroom mirror to enhance your home design. Mirrors can be utilized in a number of different ways, from modern and stylish to basic yet practical. Add sparkle and function to an otherwise boring wall, create depth and dimension in a small space or position one to reflect natural light into your room. Whatever ideas you have for your Minneapolis bathroom remodel, we’ll help you choose a style that is perfect for your wall space.
Bathroom mirror styling options are endless. From classic and practical to modern and bold, the following are some of the most popular styles of bathroom mirrors.
Framed Mirrors: One of the most basic styles of mirrors, these hang flush against the wall—no frills. From modern to traditional, plain to ornate, and tiny to huge, framed mirrors will fit almost any style.
Frameless Mirrors: Finished with a buffed edge rather than a frame, these easy-to-customize mirrors seem to hover away from the wall. This style of mirror blends best with modern bathrooms.
Mirrored Medicine Cabinets: Probably the most popular bathroom mirror, these cabinets combine functional storage and a reflective surface.
Shadow Box or Ledge Mirrors: These mirrors have built-in ledges along the bottom that you can set toiletries on. They fit a minimalist theme and fit contemporary well.
Vanity Mirror or Makeup Mirrors: Designed to sit on a sink top or connected to the wall, these double-sided mirrors are mounted on a pedestal and, utilize a built in light and magnifying glass.
Venetian Mirrors: These mirrors are traditionally decorated with ornate details carefully etched into the surface of the great. They fit well in a romantic-themed bathroom.

Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

There are a few main things buyers should consider when shopping for a bathroom mirror. Think about matching it to your style, the size, shape and the primary purposes of the mirror.
Consider the Room’s Style
Its important that you match the style of your mirror to the style you’re projecting in your bathroom. To complete your look, use a Venetian mirror as a focal point in the bathroom, or create a subdued look by going classic. Whatever you use, make sure to create a unified look among all elements.
Size and Shape
Mirrors need to be large enough to be useful, but small enough to fit in well with the overall design and function of your bathroom.
Buyers should also consider the mirror’s function before making a purchase. If you need more storage space, consider purchasing a medicine cabinet for additional space. If you apply your makeup in the bathroom, consider getting a mirror that provides some lighting.
Overall, there are many considerations when choosing a bathroom mirror, each with different positives and negatives, which Excel will help walk you through. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, don’t hesitate to connect with us here at Excel Builders to begin a design plan that will help your bathroom live up to its full potential!