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Are semi-custom cabinets the correct choice for you?

Remodeling and Semi-Custom Cabinets If you are thinking about completing a kitchen remodel in your home, one of the biggest purchases will be your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to choosing your cabinetry you have an unlimited amount of options with an unlimited pricing options. Our sister company, Artisan Cabinet Company has recently started offering...
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Importance of Design in Your Remodel

Designing Your Project As an interior designer, I see the need for design. I see this because most people want to change their space, and more importantly they want to how much their remodel will cost. I want to discuss how to manage your expectations, so I have asked Trent if I could write this...
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How to remodel a kitchen on a budget?

You may be thinking about a kitchen remodel and trying to decide between a full-blown remodel or keeping your scope of work more budget focused. One way to give your kitchen a face lift is by installing new cabinets and countertops. When thinking about new cabinets, you can choose between custom and semi-custom. Semi-custom cabinets...
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Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodel

We recently completed a second-floor bathroom remodel. Our clients were expecting a baby girl and wanted to renovate the bathroom for their growing family that could be used for years to come. This Minnesota home was built in 1986, and the bathroom was original to the home. To keep this remodel budget friendly, we kept...
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Planning Your Next Remodeling Project

How to be effective when planning your next remodel. As an owner of a MN design and build company, I have always struggled with one question. Am I losing out on potential clients because I request a design retainer first, then bid it after a design is completed? There is no right or wrong answer...
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Remodeling and Free Proposals

In the past few weeks we have been getting quite a few phone calls from potential clients requesting free remodeling bids or estimates. That being said, nowhere on our website does it say we give free estimates, bids or proposals. So, what do we do? We have decided that it is not in our best...
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What It Takes To Complete A Remodel

I have been slacking on my weekly blog duties…however, for the sake of the projects we are currently working on. Before I took a hiatus on writing, I was focusing my blog on design packages, budgets for a kitchen remodel, and remodeling budgets. In the past weeks, a lot has been happening at Excel Builders....
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Design Packages and Your Remodeling Budget

Design Packages Every type of remodeling project needs a budget. Determining a budget for your project is not as easy as one would think. First you need to separate your needs and wants for your remodel. For example, you may need a bigger shower for your master bathroom. However, you may also want a master...
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