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Are You Dreaming of a New Kitchen?

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen but do not know where to start? What is a realistic budget for a new kitchen? Should I do the work for the remodel myself or hire a professional? These are all good question! In this article we will discuss the importance of designing and establishing a realistic...
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Woodbury Bathroom Remodel

Before [hr] After [nggallery id=3] The owners of this early 1990’s home in Woodbury Minnesota wanted to rearrange and update their bathroom. We worked with them to design a bathroom with all of the elements they desired. We removed the existing bathtub and used that space for a master closet. We also installed a new...
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Polar Bear Plunge Photos

We did it! This past Saturday Brian (a brave friend) and I took the plunge into the cold waters of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, all for a great cause! The Polar Bear Plunge raises money for the Special Olympics in Minnesota. It was a fantastic days with so many activities and excitement all around us....
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Southwest Minneapolis Home Remodel

Before [hr] After This 1926 one and a half story Southwest Minneapolis home had the same owner for the last fifty years. Although the owner took great care of the home, it was in dire need of some updating. Our goal of this remodel was to maintain the charm of the home while giving it...
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Completing a Remodel

Are you thinking of completing a remodel? Where do you start when planning a remodel? The best place to start is with a list of the needs for your remodel, and a list of the wants for your remodel. Why do you need a list of the needs and wants? At some point, and I...
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Budgets for a Remodel

In our last blog we talked about establishing a budget for your remodel, and deciding between needs and wants. I would like to expand further on this subject. I am getting more and more calls from potential clients who are interested in remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, but they do not know where to get...
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