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Chanhassen Home Remodel: Part 1 of 2 – Kitchen & Fireplace Remodel

The next two weeks we’re going to share a two-part project feature on a recent Chanhassen remodel.  We had the privilege of remodeling both the kitchen and part of the living room area as well as a bathroom and the staircase, and the results are beautiful.

This week we’re going to focus on the kitchen remodel and attached living room area of this Chanhassen home.  Built in the 1990s this home had standard builder grade materials and the homeowners wanted to create a kitchen and extended living area that was fresh and new.

  • The kitchen had a wall separating it from the dining room, and opening up the space was a must.  The homeowners happily parted with the dining room in exchange for combining it with the kitchen and adding a striking kitchen island that the whole family could gather around.
  • Removing the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area also allowed them an open view into the living area, where we added a stunning new stone fireplace.
  • Storage was an important factor, and the new cabinetry we installed now gives the homeowners the convenience of modern storage solutions, streamlining the kitchen experience for the whole family.

The outcome is fabulous!  We know you’ll enjoy the photos of this Chanhassen kitchen remodel below.

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