Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Tile: Bold Color or Relaxing Neutrals? Tile Color Selection Guide Part 1 | Minneapolis Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeler

You’re sorting through tile samples for your kitchen or bathroom remodel… so many choices! You may find yourself drawn to brightly colored tile, or tile with extravagant designs. But do you dare? Knowing that tile is not as easily changeable as a paint tone, this is a genuine decor question to wrestle with. When should you go for color tile and when is it best to stick to neutral tones?
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In this two part article, we give you some great tips on when choosing color in your tile is right for you and your home, and when it might be best to play it on the safe-side

 Go for it! (Two big reasons to choose color tile):

1. When you’ve loved the same color for most of your life and plan on staying in your home for awhile.  The truth is most of us are drawn to the same color tones throughout our lifetime.  If you have a favorite color that you always fall back on, then you’re probably going to love tile in that color as well.  If you don’t plan on leaving the house anytime soon, then don’t worry too much about what others might think.  This is your home, and you want to find joy and serenity in whatever decor decisions you make.
2. When you’re a trend lover and don’t mind changing things out in 10-15 years.  If the idea of neutral tile bores you to tears, but you feel pressured to play it on the safe side, you might want to think again.  Most trends last ten years, give or take, so if you’re not unwilling to remodel or re-tile later on, why not go for something you really love now!  If you know you’re consistently jazzed-up by trendy patterns and colors, staring at bland tile for ten years may be just as much of a burden as remodeling later.  Taking a little risk might bring a smile to your face everyday until the tile is past it’s time.
Remember that even neutral tile will eventually end up dated.  Neutral-toned trends tend to sweep toward grays and blacks back toward browns and tans again.  And even when colors remain safe, sizes and styles change.  So if the only thing holding you back from choosing a color you love is trying to maintain style-longevity, you may be trying in vain.  Sometimes it’s worth being bold!  Go for what you really love!
For more inspiration, check out this beautiful turquoise kitchen backsplash, featured on houzz, and see what you think of the red, blue, and orange tile in the mix of these colorful bathrooms by Better Homes & Gardens!
Next week check out part 2 of this article, with the flip-side reasoning on why sticking to neutral tile tones might be the best decision for you.
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