Christmas Decorating Ideas for your Home | Budget

With the turkey eaten and the Black Friday deals scored, it is now officially time to get busy decking the halls! Start prepping your home for the holidays with these easy Christmas decorating ideas for your budget!
Use What You Have: Holiday decorating doesn’t need to break the bank!  Take a look around your home for materials you might already have on hand to get your holiday cheer started.  For example, frame Christmas cards from seasons past for a festive table touch-up.  Or take your kids mismatched and outgrown mittens and string them together to make mitten garland – perfect for displaying across the fireplace mantle.
Bring The Outdoors In: As much as we Minnesotans try to avoid inclement weather, sometimes natural elements can make the best décor!  Pinecones can make great decorative elements.  Fill a hurricane vase with them to add extra flair to your dining room table. Not quite ready to being the outdoors in?  Fake it with this faux snow!
Engage The Senses: Our memories are oftentimes strongly tied to scents.  Make sure that your home smells like the holidays every year!  While you could bake cookies everyday between now and Christmas, we recommend utilizing a seasonal candle or tying a bundle of cinnamon together to help your home develop a festive smell.
Gather Like Items: Gather like items for a stunning display.  Whether you fill a bowl with unused Christmas ornaments or an apothecary jar with brightly colored, unused Christmas light bulbs, a small collection of items can make a great focal point or centerpiece.
Manage Expectations: Don’t let holiday decorating take the fun out of the holidays themselves.  Manage expectations by matching the amount of decorating that you do with the amount of time you will be spending at home this season.  Focus on high visibility areas like your front door and entryway or mantle.