Communicating With Your Remodeling Contractor | What to expect

A key component of success for any project is communication with your remodeling contractor. But what happens when you’re not speaking the same language? Check out our translation guide to help you decode your contractor’s lingo!
“We could try it that way, but…”  You hired your contractor because of their skills and expertise.  While any contractor worth their salt will be open to client ideas and feedback, take advantage of your pro’s abilities and let them define the process.
“Let’s make a punch list…”  A punch list is a list of tasks to be completed in order to finish a project.  By understanding everything that a project requires your contractor will be better able to provide you with an accurate quote.  Try to be as comprehensive as possible when making this list!
“This design needs a little work…”  Your design in unbuildable.  Or impractical.  Or just plain doesn’t work.  Don’t worry – we are pros at tweaking your ideas to make them work in a sensible and realistic manner!
The price for that project will be…”  Short of changing the project scope, your contractor will not be expecting to negotiate the price that they quote you.  If you are interested in a range of prices, collect bids from multiple contractors and compare their offerings (just be sure you are evaluating comparable bids).
“We’ll get that scheduled…”  While most general contractors will be able to set a definite schedule and stick to it, tradesmen – like your plumber or electrician – juggle multiple jobs and must also account for emergency projects that may pop up.  As a result, their schedules are typically a bit looser, although they should be expected to come close to their anticipated start and finish dates.
Radio Silence: Don’t chase a contractor who doesn’t value your business.  If he’s not returning your calls, he’s not worth your time!
A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words: Still not connecting?  If all else fails, articulate your home improvement project with visuals.  Rely on magazine clippings or photos to convey what you can’t!
Communicating with your contractor will hopefully be a little easier now that you know some of the lingo!