Completed Kitchen Remodel

As a design and build company, kitchen remodeling is at the top of our list of expertise. Kitchen remodels that we complete usually involve a complete demolition, from the wall board down to the framing, followed by adding new everything.

Recently, we completed a kitchen design and remodel in Eden Prairie. Click here to see pictures from the remodel. Below is a summary of what was completed during the remodel for the designed space.

Click here to see pictures from the remodel.
When sitting back thinking about this remodel and how much work goes into not only getting it started, also getting it completed, I am amazed. Remodeling is a lot of coordinating, problem solving, and team work.
Thanks to our great team at Excel Builders, including the subcontractors that we have long-standing relationships with, for a job well done.

In this business, as with any business, we are always on the go, designing and remodeling the next project. Perhaps our next project can be your remodel. Give us a call at 612.524.5804 to get your remodel started.