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Custom Cabinets Versus Standard Models

Last week, we discussed some of our favorite kitchen trends - one of which was the improved use of cabinets.  As we stated, cabinetry today is more focused on form and function, storage and organization.  We have found custom cabinets to be a great solution that meets each of these needs.  Here are some of our reasons for advocating for custom cabinets!

Affordability: Contrary to popular belief, custom cabinets can be priced the same, if not better, than out-of-the-box or standard cabinets.  In addition, custom cabinets can increase your home's resale value, helping to make a return on your initial investment!

Flexibility: Custom cabinets give you the flexibility to maximize your space in your kitchen.  For example, most standard, out-of-the box cabinets are made in 3” incremental widths.  Because most kitchens are not standardized to the same degree, standard cabinets will often require a filler, or a blank piece of wood, to fill in the empty spaces.  Custom cabinets, on the other hand, can be sized to fit your space allowing you to realize the full potential of your kitchen.

Custom Solutions:  Choosing custom cabinets usually allows you to get better quality from a local cabinetmaker that understands what you are looking for.  Because standard cabinets are made in assembly lines and in a “cookie cutter” fashion, there are only so many customizable options available for any one space.  On the other hand, when building your cabinets from scratch, a cabinetmaker can work with you to determine the best solutions for your space.

Aesthetic Variety: When creating custom cabinetry you are not limited in your choice of design, building materials, or finishes.  Custom cabinets allow you to easily mix and match styles and colors.

Expansion: Custom cabinets also allows you the option of adding cabinets down the road without worry about your cabinet line being discounted or your original cabinet manufacturer being out of business.


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