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Design / Build

Design / Build

-        What is design / build?

  • It is the process of designing a project first, then building or completing the remodel.  This is a simple but often overlooked process completed by most remodeling companies.

-        Why design / build?

  • We believe you get the best quality, service, and stress free remodel by working with a design build firm.

-        We have experience working with a select group of designers.  By knowing and working with these designers we have good communication, we work together as a team, and we understand that the number one priority is customer satisfaction, from beginning to end.

-        We not only help you in selecting your products for the remodel, we complete all the fine and hidden details for project preparation, this to help eliminate delays for your project.

-        In addition to product selection, project preparation, we offer cad plans, and 3-d plans during the design phase.  Below are a couple of examples of 3-d renderings we offer.

Kitchen Design Expanded

Kitchen Design Existing Footprint

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