Design Packages and Your Remodeling Budget

Design Packages
Every type of remodeling project needs a budget. Determining a budget for your project is not as easy as one would think. First you need to separate your needs and wants for your remodel.
For example, you may need a bigger shower for your master bathroom. However, you may also want a master shower with multiple shower heads, bench, etc.
To help you in determining your budget, you must think of your remodel as a package. You may have heard of the good, better, best theory. Another way I like to think of this is as premier, deluxe, and basic packages.
The cost for your project will come down to the scope of work. The greater the scope of work, then the more the cost will be. Do not approach your remodel telling yourself you can save money on fixtures, or buying discounted items. Labor will be the largest percentage of the overall cost.
Premier (Best)
Deluxe (Better)
Basic (Good)

The difference in these packages comes down to the scope of work and who is completing the work. These packages and/or theories apply to all remodeling projects including: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and home additions.

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