Designing a Deck with Creative Touches – 4 Ways to Make a Deck Unique

So you’re ready to design a new deck, but you want to add some wow factor and you’re not sure how. 

Here are four creative ways to incorporate shape, texture, color, and unique design into your deck to give it that “special something” you’re looking for.
A unique touch: the intricate design in the railings
Like a yummy cream cake, decks are more interesting when they involve layers or different levels.  Your yardscape may dictate how and where the lowest level of your deck needs to reach the ground, but adding one step down to a little cove on the side of the deck, or making your stairs a unique feature are a way to play up the layer factor and keep the deck design from coming up flat.  Check out the beautiful examples of multilevel decks from Better Homes & Gardens here.
Sure, railings are meant to lend you a hand and keep everyone tucked safe inside the deck.  But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.  Rather than using straight boards that match the deck and the rest of the wood, consider something unique.  Try cable railings for a modern look or clear glass for when you don’t want to block the view.  The look of bent iron is also unique, as is going for a well designed pattern or even artistic cut-outs such as these.
Though much standing is done on decks (flipping hotdogs, admiring that view) summer lounging often involves the relaxing art of sitting.  Why bring in loads of additional furniture when you can start with some from scratch when you build the deck.  Adding benches and seating areas to a deck is not only practical (allowing you to entertain additional guests), but it can add a nice design element as well.  These creative built in seating ideas are sure to inspire.
Even the simplest deck can benefit from a design built into the pattern of the flooring.  Consider a round deck for instance with a circular (more likely octagonal) design featured in the middle, using nothing but different wood tones.  Or rather than the typical horizontal board layout, consider a diagonal design where sets of boards meet in the middle.  This can even be done with four angles of flooring all meeting at a center point.  Or simply use a different color board around the edges to create some interest and definition.  Even using two color tones alternatively is enough to give you simple deck some oomph.  Here are some great ideas of deck flooring patterns from Houzz.
Need more inspiration for a great deck design?  Try these photos from HGTV or search Houzz for some incredible examples of decks that go above and beyond in design and style.

Looking forward to a backyard deck experience of your own this summer?  Contact us at Excel Builders to get started with your Minneapolis / Twin Cities deck design and building project so it’s ready to enjoy when summer hits!