Faking A Clean House

True, our mothers all taught us to always be ourselves and to never to lie. But with such busy lifestyles when it comes to our homes, sometimes we all have to just fake it a little bit.
Here’s an overview of the some of the best tips for the main rooms in your house:
When you’re running late and don’t have time to give your bathroom rug a full wash and dry, use a lint roller to pick up the main bits of stray hair and debris. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be good enough for the unsuspecting eye. Throw beauty products and bathroom utensils in a nice canvas bag and hang it on the door or towel rack, then light a candle for added ambiance.
Clean off the refrigerator lists, magnets, pictures, etc. This will instantly make everything look less cluttered. Flip dirty hand towels inside out to hide stains, or if they’re really hopeless, steal a few clean hand towels from the bathroom instead.
Living Room
Always reserve a side of the decorative couch pillows for guests, this way when you know someone is coming over you can simply flip your pillows to the special side to hide any day to day stains, rips, or fading. If your couch is still looking a little shabby, neatly fold a nicely colored blanket and drape it along the top.
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