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Financing Your Home Remodel Just Got Easier!

Have you been daydreaming about a brand new kitchen, upgraded master bath or even a new home addition? Well, now is the time to turn that dream into reality. We at Excel Builders are now offering financing services for our customers.

The Benefits of Financing Your Remodeling Project Through Us

With home remodel financing, you get to increase your buying power so you can truly create the home of your dreams. What’s more, choosing our payment plan affords you benefits such as:

  • Getting started on your project now. We have heard time and again from clients that they need to wait at least a few more months to get started so they can have the necessary cash in hand to pay. This wait is no longer necessary! You can get your project up and running immediately and make manageable monthly installments.
  • Keeping more money in your pocket. Perhaps you were considering using your savings to cover your renovation? You could keep some of that money in your pocket, or use it for other expenses, and choose to finance part or all of your project.
  • Making lower monthly payments. If you were already considering financing your bath or kitchen remodel, then you likely know that you could potentially get financing through a personal loan. Or perhaps you were thinking of using your credit card or bank line of credit? With our home improvement financing, you get access to lower interest rates than those other options you were considering. This means lower monthly payments at an overall lower cost to you.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or basement, or if you’re ready to add a new addition to your home, reach out to us. We’ll work on getting your payment plan approved quickly.

Learn More Today. Call Us!

With a payment plan from Excel Builders, that home renovation project you desire is now within reach. Call our remodeling team in Chaska at 952-361-8664 or contact our west Twin Cities metro team online. We can give you more information about our flexible payment options so we can get your project underway.

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