From Baby to Teen: Designing a Kid’s Room That Grows With Them

Designing a kid’s room is a fun part of decorating your home. But while buttercream walls with jungle animals is adorable for your newborn, they may not fit your kindergartener. And they definitely won’t transition to your pre-teen, who would prefer hot pink walls or racing stripes in their room. Luckily, designers have taken note of this and are now designing kids’ rooms that can transition as personal tastes change.
Design a Space for Family to Gather
Kid spaces are also family spaces. These rooms become a gathering place for sleep, play and quality time together. With this in mind, think about designing your kid’s room as a place all of you can enjoy together for a long time. Pick colors that make you happy and that are relaxing. Choose furniture and accessories that allow you to easily be in the space. Create a room that feels good.
Choose a Simple Palette
Choosing a simple color palette allows you the flexibility to change decor items as your child grows. Simple bold colors or neutrals provide a nice backdrop for colorful accessories. Use removable wallpapers and decals to personalize the space without a long-term commitment. Pillows, curtains and rugs add pops of color and interest. Family photos and accessories help finish the space.
Choose Multi-Functional Furniture
Children’s furniture is designed to be more functional these days. Look for pieces that can transition as your child grows, such as a crib that converts to a bed. You also can get creative by purchasing a dresser or desk that can double as a changing table by simply adding a changing pad. And don’t forget about storage! Choose storage options that can also grow with your child, such as dressers, beds with drawers, closet organizers, and built-in shelves and cupboards. Choosing pieces wisely will allow you to reconfigure the room in a variety of ways as your child’s need change.
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