From Dream to Reality: Your Vision, Your Remodel

In a perfect world, the perfect image of your home would translate itself into a concrete plan for your builder to follow. In the real world, it often takes careful work from an experienced designer, plus excellent communication between construction and design staff to make your vision come to life. That image of your dream kitchen, bathroom, addition or basement that you keep in your mind will never be realized without a team of professionals with the skill, patience and dedication to see it through.
At Excel Builders, we know how to help our clients turn their ideas into beautiful spaces they can enjoy every day. We take pride in helping our clients turn vision into reality.

Our Process and Teamwork Are Vital

As a design-build company, we handle projects from the earliest infancy to successful completion—we are able to work with clients at any stage of the process.
You may know exactly what you want and have the tools to describe it in incredible detail. If that is the case, we can move quickly to put your plans into action.
You may have only a few vague ideas about what you want and don’t want from your remodel. In that case, our design team can give you what you need to help fully develop your remodeling plan. The idea is to create a great design that will improve your quality of life and make you feel good about your home.
It all sounds glorious and simple, but it comes down to execution. We follow a specific home remodeling process. We follow this process because it enables us to help you find inspiration and turn detailed plans into a finished project. Without a full understanding of project details, design ideas and costs, we cannot hope to give you the level of satisfaction you deserve.

The Genesis of Inspiration

When you first considered your basement or kitchen remodeling project, were you inspired by something you saw in another home? Did you get an idea from a magazine? Did you use online tools to begin planning your remodel? Some of our clients draw inspiration from artwork, architecture, nature, or their day-to-day lives. Inspiration can come from almost anywhere.
Whatever inspired you to consider your renovation, we can help you with the planning, budgeting, designing and building required to give it life. We can even help you find inspiration if all you know is that you want something new. We really listen to our clients and do everything we can to make the process painless, or better yet, fun.
If you have any questions about how to make your bathroom or kitchen remodeling ideas a reality, give us a call. You can reach us at 952-361-8664 or you can send our kitchen remodelers an email.