Get Organized: Kitchen Design Solutions

One thing remains eternal about the end of each year: people take stock of their lives. From our goals to our health to our homes, we’re all looking to better ourselves and start fresh with a clean slate! When it comes to getting things organized at home, why wait until spring? Instead, get a jump on seasonal maintenance and begin the new year ahead of the pack with an efficient home base.
Not sure where to get started? We’d recommend focusing first on your kitchen. For most MN families, the kitchen is their most highly-trafficked, slightly chaotic, lived in spaces. There are endless adjustments that can be made to help maximize and improve your kitchen’s usability. Read on below to discover our top savvy remodeling & design solutions!
Savvy Tech Storage. One hallmark of 21st-century homes: we’re all drowning in tech accessories. A great solution for keeping things tidy is establishing a tech storage/charging hub – out of sight, out of mind!
Maximized Drawers. When it comes to getting the most from your kitchen’s every corner, drawers are an excellent tool at your disposal. There are countless options available to consider! From clever spins on spice racks to knife blocks, you can find anything your heart desires.
Pot and Pan Racks. Few things are more annoying than not being able to find what you need when trying to cook. Add an easy-access rack or pull-out drawers and say goodbye to cumbersome cookware cabinets. We promise you won’t miss wrestling with your pots and pans each meal time!
Stovetop Nook. If you’re a passionate and consistent home chef, we cannot recommend this upgrade enough! Having the ingredients you use most often within arms reach is not just handy, it also looks nice. A mini stovetop shelf or nook is a great opportunity to showcase your kitchen style.
Super Pantries. Perhaps our all-time favorite organized kitchen trend, we are major fans of decked out super pantries. Half of the battle of keeping any room clean is giving each item a designated resting place. A well-kept and accessible pantry can efficiently house everything from groceries to appliances!