Good, Better, Best Bidding

Good – Better – Best – Bidding
Interested in completing a kitchen or bathroom remodel?  If you are reading this blog, you are at least thinking about completing a home remodeling project.  When completing a home remodeling project, you have two choices; complete the remodel yourself or hire a remodeling company to complete the remodel project for you.
Many people don’t have the time or the experience to complete a remodeling project on their own.  Your other option is to hire a remodeling company to complete your remodeling project.  Where to begin?  For starters, consider the following:
Excel Builders can help you address all of these considerations, even the dreaded budget issue.  With some pictures and measurements of your home, and about two hours of your time in our office, we can help you easily address the budget issue.  We provide you with a general budget using the good, better, best model.  We call our model; Options, Options Plus, and Unlimited Options.
The good, better, best model sounds deceiving.  The cost of a remodeling project is not based on the quality of the work.  Excel Builders completes every remodeling project with the same high quality standards from start to finish, regardless of the cost of the project.  Rather, the cost is largely based on the scope of work being completed.  The quantity of the options you choose for your remodeling project determines the scope of work.  In other words, the more options you choose, the greater the scope of work.  The greater the scope of work, the more your remodeling project will cost.
We understand that each client is unique and choose to complete a remodeling project for different reasons.  You may be considering a master bathroom remodel that includes rearranging the layout of the bathroom to make it more functional for your everyday use and to use for years down the road.  This type of remodeling project generally includes more options than the family who is just looking to update the look of their master bathroom.  This is why we offer the Options, Options Plus, and Unlimited Options bidding model.
Our bidding model allows you to see a range of remodeling costs for your remodeling project.  This model easily transitions to the design phase.  During the design phase, you chose the options that are most important to you and these costs are applied to your project.  Give Excel Builders a call to see how we can help you with your remodeling project.
If you are thinking about completing a new remodel, give Excel Builders a call at 952-361-8664