Granite Kitchen Countertops | Maintenance | Cooking | Durability

Last week we discussed kitchen islands and one great countertop option. Today we wanted to talk about an alternate countertop material – granite. Granite, the igneous rock is formed from a variety of materials including quartz, feldspar, and mica, has many benefits as a countertop option. Here are a few of the reasons we recommend this popular building material:
Durable: Granite’s near diamond hardness and durability makes it resistant to heat and scratching. Granite is a porous material though, so you should make sure to seal it based on your cleaning and maintenance instructions.
Low Maintenance: Once sealed, granite is a low maintenance option that is easy to clean with just warm water, a mild detergent and a nonabrasive cloth.
Great Cooking Base: Granite lends itself well to cooking activities. It is abrasion resistant and, as such, can stand up to cutlery and other common kitchen items. In addition, because granite is formed through pressure and heat, it can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. With ratings like that the occasional warm pan is of little concern!
Maintains Its Value: While the initial investment can be higher with granite than with alternate materials, granite holds its value well and will last a lifetime. As such, granite does not typically depreciate over time. In addition, granite countertops can help contribute to a high home resale value.
Aesthetics: Granite is available in over 3,000 shades and pattern variations with an endless variety of veins, specks, and swirls. It is often noted to have a luminous quality that suggests a luxurious and high end space. In addition, granite has a great natural beauty that is rarely matched by manmade materials. Each slab is unique and different, making this a one-of-a-kind home purchase.
If you are considering installing new countertops in your kitchen, contact us today to discuss granite or other options.