Hard as Rock: Granite Countertops | What’s So Great About Granite? | Eden Prairie MN Kitchen Remodeler

Granite countertops are consistently in-vogue, renown for their durable qualities and natural beauty. Formed from compressed molten rock, Granite is made up of interlocking mineral crystals, the most common being quartz, with an array of feldspar, mica, and other minerals, making each piece of granite unique. The light gray veins of granite are quartz, feldspar is the white mineral, and the black is typically mica.
So what’s so great about granite anyway? As you’re considering new kitchen or bathroom countertops, here are some details to help you understand granite and its consistent popularity better:
Granite Countertop | Kitchen Remodeler Eden Prairie MN
Though granite has a higher price-point than some countertop options, the value generally makes the investment worthwhile, proven by its long-withstanding popularity.  As with any decision, we’d encourage you to weigh your options and decide which countertop product is the right fit for your kitchen or home remodel!  To learn more about the granite countertop installation process check out an inspiring houzz.com article here.
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