Home Additions, Part II of III

Last week we began discussing home additions and, specifically, what all goes into the process of a home renovation of this size.  This week, we wanted to revisit the topic and look more closely at the costs associated with an addition and some of the decisions that need to be made when determining cost.
While we would love to be able to provide a “one price fits all” project estimate, in actuality, the cost for a home addition is going to vary tremendously based on project size, products selected, and the scope of the work intended.  However, a good rule of thumb is that a home addition will start at $250 per square foot and will range up to $500 – $600 per square foot.  For example, if your home addition was a only main floor and crawlspace, your project would likely fall in the $250 per square foot range.
One of the main decisions to make when planning your home addition is the format that it will take.  Do you want a full basement, a crawl space, or a slab on a grade?  Here at Excel Builders, we typically recommend that clients consider a full basement.  Full basements leave one with plenty of options – the space can be finished and used now, or used for storage and finished later.  On the other hand, a crawl space is great for providing access to plumbing, heating, and electrical components.  Crawl spaces should be at least four feet from the slab to the bottom of the floor joists above.  However, it is important to note that it is difficult to control the temperature or humidity in a crawl space.  We typically steer clients away from slabs on grade.  Concrete is always colder – a definite flaw in a Minnesota home!  While you can heat the floor (albeit at some expense), it will never be the same as a traditionally built structure.
Stayed tuned for more information on home additions next week!