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Home Additions, Part III of III

This will be our third and final installment in a three-part home additions series.  Thus far, we have discussed the home renovation process and what costs are associated with additions.  Today, we wanted to talk about some of the details that must be considered and some of the decisions that must be made when undertaking a home addition.

  • Plumbing Requirements: Depending on your project scope, plumbing will need to be considered.  Determine whether your home's existing plumbing service provides adequate water pressure and drains, and whether or not your new project will meet all plumbing code requirements.
  • Electrical Requirements: Electrical requirements are one of first things that needs to be evaluated.  Begin by evaluating the electrical panel and determining if there is enough room in the panel to carry the additional load of your expansion.  If not, factor in an upgraded panel into your project costs and consult an electrician.
  • HVAC: Consider both the furnace and air conditioner and whether or not they can support your new space needs.  A great way to do this is to schedule a consultation with your HVAC company and ask them to complete a heat loss calculation.  In the preliminary meeting, the company will evaluate your heating and cooling units and help to determine if you will need to plan for an upgrade or if your current system will suffice.
  • Roofing:  Make a roofing plan.  It may be cheaper to simply add shingles to the new portion of your home.  However, depending on your roof's age and condition, it may actually make more sense to re-shingle the entire home for long-term protection.
  • The Fixings: In addition to thinking about which flooring, siding, and roofing materials your project might require, also consider the smaller, but still important aesthetic components such as doors, trim, and light fixtures.

Contact us today to discuss your home addition options.  We will help you to take these, and other important factors, into consideration!

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