Home Additions – Part III of III

For the past two weeks we have been discussing additions! Today, in our final installment, we will talk about two more expansion options – dormers and second story additions.
Dormers are a good option if you are trying to increase the living space on the upper level of a home. The dormer to the left is called a gable dormer. Another type of dormer option to consider is a shed dormer, shown below. Both dormers have their unique advantages and can, in some cases, be used together.
While a gable dormer will provide more head room for the space, the gable dormer is limited to the width determined by the existing structure of the home. For example, roof height, roof angle, and framing can all limit dormer width. Alternately, a shed dormer provides added space across the entire length of the home, but will not provide the headroom a gable dormer can offer. In most cases, the outer edge of the shed dormer has approximately five feet of head room. As the room moves towards the center of the home, the head room increases to between six and seven feet. Thus, it is important to consider your dormer’s use. For example, if the dormer is being added for a playroom or sleeping area, a shed dormer might be a great fit. If, on the other hand, you are interested in adding a bathroom, a shed dormer would limit the room’s design.
In some cases, a combination of a gable and shed dormer can be used to provide both square footage and headroom where needed. The cost of completing an addition using a gable and shed dormer starts at $75,000 for the labor and materials. As with all additions, the cost depends greatly on the finished products selected and the overall scope of work.
The final addition we will be discussing is a second story addition. A second story addition would provide all new bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level. There are numerous options to consider when planning a project of this size.
For planning purposes, when carrying out an addition of this caliber, you will need to plan on upgrading your mechanical elements including heating, electrical and plumbing. When completing a second story addition, you should approach this as an investment in a home you plan on staying in. This is a project that takes many hours of planning and the invasions of work crews in your home for months. However, in the end, all the long hours and the hassles are well worth it!
The cost for a second story addition starts around $200,000. Again, the cost will vary based upon the rooms added, the products chosen, and the scope of the work. Obviously, a new roof and new siding along with windows are just a few of the items involved in a remodel of this size.
Now that we have reviewed a few addition options to add more space to your home, keep in mind that every home is unique, as are the needs of every homeowner. Therefore, no two home additions will be the same. It is also important to know that the budgets will vary greatly from project to project based upon the home and the final selections of products, along with the scope of the work.
We always try to educate our clients when approaching an addition on any scale. Most important, a home addition and remodel starts with proper communication between you and the contracting company. You need to be prepared to invest many hours into the remodel. Keep in mind that most meetings will be completed during the week, during the normal business hours.
Another very important concept for any addition is establishing a realistic budget. It is important to make sure all costs are accounted for and that there are not any hidden fees that will come to light once the contract is signed.
Completing your home addition and remodel is very rewarding. Keeping an open line of communication with your contractor will help to ensure that you have a positive experience and a home remodel that you can be proud of for many years in the future.

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