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Home Paint Trends for 2013 | Minneapolis Paint Trends

While some colors will always stand the test of time, Paint BrushPaint BrushPaint Brushpaint color trends soar and sink with each coming year.  Here are a few of the paint trends we see happening in Minneapolis and beyond for 2013.

  • Grays – Lingering strong after a surge in 2012, gray is still a go-to neutral, and one that pairs well with bright colors.  Charcoal grays are at the top of current trends.   Gray and canary yellow and gray with bright white are both very sharp, though gray pairs well with almost any intense color.  If you want the effect of gray without the bright color boost, it also pairs well with tan tones, giving the gray some warmth and creating a natural element feel in your home.
  • Earth Tones – There will always be souls drawn to natural, earthy colors, and with the trend swinging toward Eco-friendly products and design, this proves even more so for 2013.  But earthy doesn’t have to mean bland.  Sherwin-Williams recommends this earthy, chalky collection with cool undertones.  To take it up a step, try pairing two earth tones (think tans, brown, and grays) with a higher intensity natural color, such as a leafy green, aqua blue, or even emerald green (selected as the Panatone color of 2013).  This sizzling match can provide a result to satisfy even the Greenest consumer and trendiest decorator.
  • Vintage Inspired – The modern look of the last few years really isn’t so modern at all.  With patterned furniture, draperies, and artwork drawing from the Victorian age to the 1970s, we’ve put a trendy twist on old-fashioned inspiration.  For the stylish consumer, paint color combos with a vintage flair have become all the rage as well.  Combos including 1950s infused orange-tones accented by browns and aqua blues are more modern than ever.  While retro flair has lots of color pop, if you prefer something calmer pastel palettes reminiscent of the roaring 20s can provide an equally vintage home experience.

Whatever colors you find yourself working with, make sure you love them for more than just their trend-value.  While keeping your house fresh and up-to-date is a smart move, falling in love with paint colors is a personal choice, and should be based on more than popularity.  Be inspired and get painting!

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