How To Create A Schedule For Your MN Home Remodel

If you know me, you know that I am big on defining a budget for your remodel early on in your remodeling process.
How do you determine if your budget is reasonable for work you want to have completed?

Design first! You have basically two choices.

First Choice, work with an interior designer to have plans drawn up for your remodel. After the plans are completed take these plans and obtain estimates from various remodeling companies.

Second option, work with a Design and Build company to walk you through your remodel step by step. Starting with your goals, working with you on your budget to not only design your remodel, but to design, bid, and then build your remodel.

Maybe you are thinking I just I want an estimate to know how much my remodel will cost? Well, it is not that easy. However, doable.

What you need is a schedule. What is a schedule?

A schedule is a list of all of the labor items, material items, and quantities of each that will be involved in your remodel.
In essence, you will be completing the design yourself, and walking through the remodel step by step by yourself.
Story Time!
Earlier in the week, I was interviewing an individual to work at Excel Builders. During the interview, I asked this individual what their thoughts were on providing free estimates (I am always looking to get InSite), this individual essentially said he thought we should provide free estimates, because what do you have to lose? Throw some lower cost, get the job, then the cost will most likely change throughout the remodel.
I was flabbergasted. I can’t wrap my head around this concept. This is not fair to perspective buyers like yourself. This will most likely lead to a frustrating remodeling experience. This does not make the remodeling experience look good for all industry professionals.

There are so many variables when it comes to your remodel, and not all remodels are created equal.

When you are completing a bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, or finishing your lower level, I truly believe you have two options for the success of your remodel.

In conclusion, as a Design and Build company we walk you through your remodel, step by step, create a schedule for you, and this schedule will be used to create your remodeling proposal.

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