How To Hire a Residential Siding Contractor

As a design-build company, completing whole home remodels, and additions, we have gained experience installing new siding and windows on our client’s home. As you will read below we use the design-build approach for our clients to installing new siding and windows.
When looking for a residential siding contractor you will have numerous companies to choose from.  Before getting started, ask yourself how much assistance are you going need when selecting your siding.  Selecting the siding brand, type (lap, shakes, panels), trim, architectural details, and finish are just some of the choices you will have to make. Are you looking for options when it comes to choosing the right products that fit your needs?
Completing an exterior remodeling job is a big investment in time and money, and it should be taken seriously.  Once the job is complete there are not any redo’s.  At Excel Builders, we take on our exterior projects with similar process we use for our other remodeling projects. We bring our team to the table, designer, project manager, and job supervisor are all working together to get you a great finished product.
Our team has a definite advantage if you are looking for more than just siding.  If your home needs new windows, we can handle that well. Installing new windows before installing new siding, is actually the best time to accomplish that. We recommend Marvin and Marvin Integrity windows and doors.
Along with installing new windows, we have a trim carpenter on our team to take care of the removal and install of the interior casing. We will also, take care of the finishing of the new windows and casing. The good news is you have all this experience, design, and labor under roof.
As with all projects, we need to start with budget.  Determining the budget will determine the type of siding that meets your needs, such as, LP Smart Side, James Hardie, Cedar, and Vinyl siding.
Once the budget is determined, the next step is to start the design.  As with all projects, you should get renderings for the products, color selections, and continued design selection throughout the project.  This is where the experience of the designer and design team are very helpful.
If you are thinking of siding your home, give us a call.  Investing in new exterior siding is great way to add value to your home.  As will all investments, make sure to investment your money wisely.  Give us call to discuss your next project.