Interior Design For Your Home

Professional Interior Design Services

When it comes to interior design for your home , it often starts off easy by searching through magazines, Houzz and Pinterest. Maybe you are inspired by a friend’s recent remodel? Either way, all of these types of resources are great beginnings to fuel your inspiration. Even as a designer, I look for inspiration in a similar fashion.
What starts off as inspiration quickly ignites into other ideas, along with our client’s desires, the ideas and inspiration is expanded to complete a design.
Typically, after the initial consultation where we discuss the goals, and the budget. Then it is time for the measuring & drawing to begin. Don’t forget about the shopping, in some cases this will take place prior to the design being completed. This way the pieces that are found can be incorporate in the space and shown on the drawings.
Custom pieces seem to be fundamental for every project. Custom pieces tend to make your space unique, and special to your home and design style.
If you are working with a designer for designer services only, or for a complete remodel, then the process will vary.
Shopping with designer is an important step, it allows you to experience how and why each item & material is important and how it may or may not work for your design. This allows you to not only start to visualize your space, but to learn the differences and the benefits in each items quality, scale, shape and color.
While working with an interior designer , it will soon become apparent the value to you, and how it will simplify the process.
Interior design comes in many different packages. From full remodeling services, to home staging. No matter which direction you choose for your home, always consult with an interior designer to give you the tools you need to achieve your desired space.
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