Kitchen Remodel Electrical Code Requirements

What are your electrical code requirements for a MN kitchen remodel?

Let’s talk about building codes. More specifically, electrical building codes.
As a builder, I reference the IRC for code questions. Your electrician will reference NEC, they both get the job done. The International Residential Code (IRC), and the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC) are the codes that you should follow for any electrical work you are completing for your home remodeling project.
For a great reference tool, click on the link below for an overview of the 2017 NEC from the MN Department of Labor and Industry.
Why are these codes important? They are put into place to protect you and your home from damage and or injury.
Building codes will also influence the cost of your project, and electrical cost are in most cases will consume a significant portion of the labor budget for a kitchen remodel. Below are some basic codes that you should be aware of.

E3901.2 to E3901.2.3 addresses electrical distribution.

– Receptacle Outlets need to be spaced at no point more than 6 feet apart, or 12 feet from outlet to outlet.
o EXCEPTION: This spacing needs to be unbroken, so wall space with doorways, openings, fireplaces, and fixed cabinets are excluded.
o Outlets need to be within 6 feet each side of doorways, openings, fireplaces, and fixed cabinets, where the wall is broken.
– Outlets need to be within 60 inches of the floor
– Floor outlets need to be within 18” of the wall to be counted as the required number of wall receptacle Outlets.
– Any wall that is wider than 2 feet needs an outlet.

E3901.4 to E3901.4.3, Countertops and similar work surfaces.

– Receptacle Outlet shall be installed at each wall countertop or work surface that is 12 inches or wider.
– Maximum distance between Receptacle Outlets is 24 inches.
o EXCEPTION: Receptacle Outlets will not be required behind range, counter mounted cook top, or sink.
– Receptacle Outlet needs to be within 12” from the left and right of the sink edge.
o EXCEPTION: If the sink is greater than 12 inches from the back wall a receptacle outlet will be needed behind the sink.
– At least one Receptacle Outlet needs to be installed on an island or peninsular countertop space with a minimum width and length 24 inches X 12 inches.

Table E3802.1

– Cables are fastened to framing at least every 54 inches.
– Cables are stapled within 8 inches if the electrical box.
– Nail plate over cables if the hole is within 1-1/4 inches from the face of the framing member.
These are just some of the basics that may be encountered for your kitchen remodel. Knowing your codes will not only help you design, plan, and budget for your remodel, it will also save you a lot of surprises down the road. Keep in mind the age of your home, the last time your electrical was updated will determine the scope of work to bring it up to code.

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