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Kitchen Sink Convenience: Adding a Second Kitchen Space in Your Home | Minneapolis Kitchen-Basement-Home Remodeler

The kitchen is a gravitating room. kitchen countertop & sinkPeople tend to gather near food and drinks, friends and family. Which is why adding a second kitchen space to your home can be a welcoming addition -- and might be just the step-up your home needs!

This additional kitchen space is often best suited for the lower level near your family room or entertaining area. Usually featuring a single wall of cabinets and countertop along with a fridge, sink, and sometimes a detached kitchen island, this second kitchen should reflect the same style and quality as the rest of your home, giving it even more beauty and value.

Such a guest kitchen, also known as a basement bar or kitchenette, can have multiple different uses. Here are a few great reasons to include a second kitchen space in your home:

  • Entertaining - Instead of splurging on an expensive night out, stay in! Save money on entertaining by lounging with friends at home, or simply enjoy the convenience of snacks and drinks nearby during the big game. Great for hosting parties too -  the ease of food serving and storage at your fingertips!
  • Family Fun - A second kitchen is a fun addition to home family movie nights and a great space for kid’s parties, not to mention easy access to a drink of water during a big video game fest.  You may even want your family basement bar to feature a popcorn maker, pizza oven, ice maker, and more!
  • Guests - With the holiday season just a couple months away, we know guests are on their way! What better way to make them feel welcome and at home, as well as give everyone a little extra space, than to have a second kitchen space to offer.

Get inspired! Check out the fabulous examples of kitchenette spaces from houzz here.

Whether you’re ready to add a second kitchen space to your home, or are looking for a whole home remodel, Excel Builders has the expertise and experience you can trust. Check out our Minneapolis / Twin Cities remodeling work here, and get in touch with us today!

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