Kitchens: The Heart of the Holidays

If the holiday season revolves around any room, it has to be the kitchen. Thanksgiving and Christmas both center around preparing show-stopping meals. Food is an integral element of the festivities. More than any other time of the year, the kitchen becomes the heart of the home during the winter.
Throughout the history of interior design, different rooms have risen in prominence. However, we can think of no other space that’s evolved as drastically as the kitchen! Modern floor plans have steadily sought to bring the kitchen out of hiding, showcasing it as a space to share. Instead of functioning as a spot for meal prep, the kitchen has become a beautiful hub for entertaining.
As the old adage goes, guests will always end up gathering in the kitchen! Contemporary trends take it a step further and intentionally plan around that truism. There are endless upgrades and customizations that demonstrate this shift, but we’ve listed our favorite examples below.
Hang-Out-Friendly Islands. Kitchen islands are almost never one size fits all, but they often share one common element: seating! A sprawling island is a perfect solution for keeping guests company while attending to dinner. It’s the best of both worlds! Kids can tackle homework and guests can chat and sip wine, all while the cook chops veggies or stirs spaghetti sauce.
Open Shelving. The rise of open shelving is another example of kitchens moving towards a hosting mindset. Taking the place of a formal dining room hutch, heirlooms, stemware, and serving platters all reside in the kitchen now. Cabinets and shelves are no longer simply functional; they’re curated places to showcase your style.
Expertly Integrated Appliances. Along with islands, kitchen appliances have undergone massive upgrades in recent years. Sleek stainless steel and more minimal models are wildly popular. Appliances are also far better integrated into design plans now. Our favorite trend? Microwaves that are stealthily blended into custom cabinets!
Bar Areas. No development more clearly shows that kitchens are now partying central than the ascent of classy custom bars. From minibars to configurations James Bond himself would envy; they’re cropping up left and right! We understand the appeal. Why traipse to a downstairs cellar when you could install a wine fridge? The less extra effort required for hosting, the better!