Make Small Rooms Look & Feel Larger

There is often a narrow line between a cozy, intimate space and a cramped, cluttered room. If you see your small room beginning to slip toward the latter, try one of these tricks to make your space look and feel larger than it is!
Lighten Up: Lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of any space; however, this is particularly true of small rooms. Inadequate lighting can cast shadows, make colors appear dull, and give the overall feel that your room is even more cramped than it actually is. To remedy this problem, choose appropriate light fixtures for the shape and size of your room or consider changing your light bulbs to a higher wattage. Floor lamps can also be used in rooms that have limited overhead lighting. During the day, open blinds or other window treatments to allow natural light to filter in as well!
Color Correct: The colors used in a room can also have a large visual impact on the perceived size or space. Light colors tend to make a room look larger, while dark colors will have the opposite effect. With this in mind, when you pick your paint color consider using the same color one shade lighter. In addition, light flooring colors can help a room to appear more open. If you are not ready to replace flooring, consider a light colored rug.

Downsize: Large furniture or fixtures in a small room will only serve to emphasize space constraints.  Luckily there is an endless array of furnishing options available.  For example an oversized vanity could be replaced with a pedestal sink in a crowded bathroom.  A room-consuming bed could be lofted to allow additional storage space in a child’s crowded bedroom.

Cut Out Diversions: Things that literally stick out in your room will draw the eye of the viewer, creating a shrinking effect on your space.  To avoid this phenomenon, remove any large wall racks or furniture that juts out from the natural lines of the room.

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