Managing Remodeling Expectations

for our clients is rewarding but yet challenging. The challenging part is that, no two clients are the same. With many years of experience, I know that I can’t expect each client to be the same. The one area of focus for myself and my team is to manage the expectations of our clients.
The internet plays an important role in where unrealistic expectations stem from. The resource of pictures is almost unlimited on sites like Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest. Don’t even get me started on the internet not being a reliable source for your budget.
Although these sites are awesome for generating ideas for your remodel, and to help you to visual your possibilities, and start planning your goals. They are also good at setting your expectations to an unreasonable level of what you can get for your investment.

The internet can lead you down the wrong road when comes to figuring out your budget and setting expectations. Why you might ask? Filters & Photoshop do not show real life blemishes including small details like grout lines, paint imperfections, millwork inconsistencies, lighting output, and many more.

Filters & Photoshop also do not express the labor time to complete detailed tasks, especially when it comes to custom details…and boy, does that labor cost add up! Most projects that look picture perfect are very custom and high-end design and build work. With a full-service company, and its partners you pay for premium top-notch craftsmanship. Although, this is worth every penny, and not easily achievable on a DIY level. So again, not always these images only tell part of a story, on the surface what they really are.
Another thing to keep in mind, what looks good in the picture, may not work in your home because it is unique in to two factors; the layout/ dimensions of the home, and the camera angle.
When thinking about imperfections, inconsistencies, or blemishes it is not always related to the quality of workmanship. Nothing is perfect!

But enough of the negativity. Can you get a kitchen or a bathroom remodel that will look fabulous, function even better, and also enjoy your remodeling experience? Yes, and Yes! It starts with who you choose to work with for your remodel.

After completing a remodel, I will sit down with our team and review the remodel, all of the pro’s and con’s, and even though our clients are happy there is always room for improvement. This is where we are always managing expectations as they come in.

At Excel Builders we start every project with a consultation to discuss your expectations and help guide you through your remodel. Give us a call today 612.524.5804 to discuss your MN home remodel!