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Refresh Your Space! How to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage | Bathroom Remodeler MN

bathroom vanity storageCalm, organized and clean. Isn’t that how we’d all like our bathroom described?

But often the bathroom -- one of the smallest rooms in the house -- can be one of the hardest spaces to manage! From towels and TP to soap and shampoo, a lot of items compete for a little bit of space.

Making the most of your bathroom storage is one of the best ways to make your bathroom the calming retreat you’d like it to be!

Here are four tools to help you maximize your bathroom storage:

1. BUILT-INS -- Built-ins are better suited to the small space of a bathroom than you might think:

  • Even the smallest wall space can accommodate new shelving when built right.
  • Built-ins are flexible: no space to swing open cabinet doors?  Use open shelving instead.
  • Recessed built-ins can take advantage of the hollow spaces hiding behind your drywall -- consider a recessed medicine cabinet, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, or cubbies in your shower.

2. VANITIES -- Make the most of this bathroom staple!

The Vanity Tower - A fabulous way to add storage without taking up more floor space, the vanity tower sits on top of your bathroom counter, like an upper cabinet. Easily adaptable to your bathroom’s style, vanity towers can feature:

  • A glass door to lighten the bathroom and give you the option of interior lighting to brighten the space.
  • A mirrored door to make your bathroom seem larger.
  • Open shelving to put items on display, create easy-access storage, or both!

Open Shelf Vanity - Open shelving that works so well in the kitchen is worth implementing in your bathroom too. Taking the door off of your vanity gives the illusion of more space and creates a great opportunity to creatively and practically store your daily necessities. Have fun with baskets or other containers to maintain a clean look.

3. CABINETS -- Take your typical cabinet up a notch:

Open Shelf Cabinets - Like open-shelf vanities, consider leaving the door off part of your bathroom cabinetry. The illusion of more space and the flexibility to use baskets, trays, or other containers for organizing your bathroom will be rewarding!

Drawers - When planning your new cabinet configuration, remember to include plenty of drawers! Cabinet doors may be our go-to cabinet option, but adding drawers – especially of various sizes – is a more efficient way to maximize your bathroom storage. Consider installing small drawers with dividers for makeup, or a specialty drawer for larger items!

4. BASKETS -- When in doubt, add a basket! Options for color, styles, and textures are endless! And the storage possibilities are fun, exciting and oh-so-helpful:

  • Keep small items organized on open shelves.
  • Artfully display toilet paper rolls.
  • Gather towels or washcloths.
  • Hide your hair dryer, cord and all!

Ready to re-organize your bathroom space?  For more ideas on maximizing storage in your bathroom, check out these related Ideabooks on Houzz!

Looking to add more storage to your bathroom? Considering a bathroom remodel? Excel Builders would love to connect with you and help turn your bathroom remodel dreams into a reality! Serving Chaska, Chanhassen, Hopkins, Eden Prairie and more throughout the West Metro area in MN.


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