Minneapolis Drywall Instillation | Remodeling Project

It has been almost a month since our Minneapolis plumbing project  and things are really starting to take shape!  We are just wrapping up the drywall – a big project hurdle!  If you have ever had to do drywall yourself, I am sure you know what we are talking about – it not only takes some quality time to complete but, oftentimes, after it is done, it can still seem like you haven’t made much progress.
Luckily, we have had some other, very visible, improvements to help convince us that we really are making great strides.  For example, we have completed the roof and are in the progress of getting the siding installed.  The original home has cedar shakes, which will be continued on the addition.  Since the cedar shakes will be painted after installation, we primed the shakes on both sides before installing.
We are excited to take the next steps toward project completion and see where this exciting addition brings us!  Check back for more progress updates.
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