Minneapolis Excavation & Concrete Company Project: Home Addition Series

Last week we introduced our Home Addition Series and we are excited to pick up where we left off!  Since our last post, the home’s sun room has been demoed and excavation is not only underway but completed!
After the demolition we began digging out the foundation for the home’s new addition.  We will be adding a full basement, designed to be finished later when our homeowners needs more space to grow.  During the excavation we came across both gas and electrical lines that needed to be relocated to run through the home’s foundation once completed.
Once the excavation was finished we started the concrete phase, beginning with footings.  Footings exist to transfer the structural loads from the building, snow load, and live load, into the ground.  As such, footings are the backbone of a well built home.  To prepare for the footings, we began by laying out the foundation, forming the footings to fit, and placing the rebar.
With the footings in place, the city completed a footing inspection.  They checked the placement and size of the rebar used.  Once our work passed inspection, we poured the footings.  The finished foundation wall resulted in an eight-foot by twelve-foot block foundation, core filled every forty-inches, with an eight-foot basement height.
Next, we placed the interior and exterior drain tiles.  The drain tiles will be used to divert water along the foundation wall to a sump pump basket where it can be diverted away from the house.  We placed the drain tiles next to the footings and covered them with sand and crushed rock.
Our next steps will be to finish the concrete working, frame out the addition, install the floor joists and subfloor and frame the exterior walls.  Stay tuned as we continue on this exciting home improvement adventure!