Minneapolis Main Floor Bathroom Remodel

Well, whoever said you can’t have a beautiful, updated bathroom in a tiny space? Not us! We just completed a remodel of a main floor bathroom, located in Northeast Minneapolis, and it is fabulous!
Our client wanted to update their bathroom with a complete renovation while staying in the existing footprint of the original bathroom.
The goals of this remodel were:
– Add a curb-less shower in place of the bathtub
– Build a custom vanity with creative storage
– Add a linen cabinet for more storage
– Build a medicine cabinet, that wasn’t typical looking of a medicine cabinet.
To make the shower bigger than the size of a bathtub we did remove an existing closet to make the shower longer. Because the bathroom, typical to a Minneapolis MN home is not that wide we could only make the shower a couple inches wider than the original bathtub. With a curb-less shower a couple of inches made a difference.
Because of the width constraint we did make the shower curb-less and installed a shower panel. Yes, we did skip the shower door on purpose.
Thinking ahead we knew it would not work if our clients had to enter inside the length of the shower to turn the water on, so we placed the shower handle on the opposite end on the wall towards the back of the shower. The shower head acts as a 2 in 1 and can be removed to be used as a hand held.
For storage in the bathroom, we went full custom-built for the vanity with the drawer at the bottom to store toilet paper and products. We also included a built-in linen cabinet with open shelves on the lower half for laundry hamper and a closed cabinet on the upper half for addition al storage
Since storage was a must for this family of four, we built a custom medicine cabinet, with some open shelves for decor, and an additional fixed mirror to create one big beautiful piece. This also allowed us to create the illusion of a much larger brighter open space.
If you are ready for a bathroom remodeling project give us a call 612.524.5804. With our experience, Excel Builders is able to design, and build a bathroom to fit your needs.